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Institutional Videos

Do you want to improve the sales of your company and connect better with your audience?

Institutional videos are an entrance for the clients of a company to know its image, how its production process works, its employees, its technology, production capacity and much more.

What is an institutional video?

An institutional video is a useful way to integrate your company with your clients. It is an audiovisual product that summarizes the information of the company:


  • Ideas

  • View

  • Mission

  • Values

  • goals

  • Achievements

  • Activities


An audiovisual project that recounts the internal activities of your company is a marketing strategy in trend, so it represents a great way to connect with your customers.


Thus, your customers and your audience can see a new face of your business, and humanize it.

Humanize your brand

At Pendulo, we are passionate about meeting our clients' goals by creating innovative audiovisual projects, and humanizing brands is a smart way for your company to grow.


The opportunity to give the user a free pass to the heart of your business is unique. They will be able to understand your purpose, your mission and objective, your way of doing things, your work methodology, your values and, of course, demonstrating your business personality with respect, integrity and honesty.

To reach more customers, we can help you using a trend strategy: Storytelling. This Video Marketing tool is functional to transmit messages in an ideal and emotional way, helping you to win the attention of users, and retain them with an easy way to communicate, either through social networks, emails or telephone numbers.


Pendulum style in your institutional videos

Cinema is a part of our lives, and the inspiration we take from it we bring it to our work. The movie format is one of those formats that we love, and it suits our customers well.


With this style, we bring a new and unique essence to the institutional videos we create. But before talking about the format, we met to plan the process and guidelines of the project in its different stages:


Pre-production → Conceptualization → Production → Logistics → Recording → Editing → Post-production


We respect the order of the tasks, and we fulfill each proposed objective, and we bring innovative ideas to the work table to fulfill the wishes of our clients.

Benefits of an institutional video


The video marketing strategy is an important pillar in the creation of an institutional video. You can use the different media to transmit your video: TV, cinema, social networks and more. With a good strategy, and a perfect audiovisual project, you will get your company recognized on various social platforms, giving users the opportunity to get to know your company.


Beyond showing the face and personality of your company, you are also giving your products and services an opportunity to stand out from the rest. Making good use of a trend such as an institutional video is using it to the fullest, and this includes promoting your products.


By exposing your project to the world, you will be reaching new corners of the planet, which means that you will be able to attract the attention of new clients at an international, national or local level. Everything will depend on your strategy.


We will not lie to you. An institutional video is not primarily intended to sell. However, it is a subtle way to show how good your business is with certain products and services. This will help you build loyalty between your brand and your customers, and therefore can help you sell a little more.


If you can attract new customers, you can also attract investors. We advise you to direct your institutional video in a direction that is not only to retain new customers, but also to create new commercial ties with potential investors. The opportunities are endless.


Like a good cover letter, an institutional video also helps you position your brand on the internet, and give it recognition. When you launch marketing campaigns, users will surely recognize your company first before others, and you will owe it all to your institutional video and its impact on users.

Contact us now and share your ideas and visions with us. We will take care of the rest.

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