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Impact with Professional Quality Photographs

Are you someone who keeps your memories locked in your mind?  Do you want to give your Brand a human face? Regardless of which of the two types of person you are, the power of photography is unmatched.  


At Pendulo, we are experts in the art of photography , and with the assistance of one of our professional photographers, we will be able to achieve the most impressive and attractive photographic pieces on the market.  


Although, if you prefer your photographs to be in digital format, we also offer you a digital catalog with the captured images.


That is one of our values, we adapt to your needs. From product photography to compositions to improve the image of your company, we can achieve the photographic composition that best matches your interests.  


At Pendulo, we seek to provide you with creative photography services.  


Photographs with meaning for your brand, developing an aesthetic conceptual line that gives value to our clients

We conceptualize emotions and give meaning

Photography allows us to capture the greatest expression of emotions in our clients, and at Pendulo we seek to conceptualize and capture them by following the own values they wish to convey.  


From corporate events, product branding and sets, our services focus on providing value through an aesthetic vision that helps capture attention and get the message across.  


Among the ocean of images in the world today, with our unique approach, we seek for our clients to stand out in a creative way. 

Productora audiovisual Colombia

We transmit STORIES with Photography

"A picture is worth a thousand words"  


Photography has the ability to transmit messages in a simple, practical and effective way, but achieving this requires a staging of professional conceptual tools.  


The magic of photography can do everything.  


With our creative photography services, we seek to bring the message to your target audience.  


Bringing the balance between the aesthetic and the promotional, our goal is that your Brand stands out and manages to transmit the perfect messages at the ideal moment.  


We can help you photographically conceptualize your brand, with one and tell a story through images.  


Do you want to write the history of your Pendulum Brand? Contact us now .

We seek the balance between aesthetics and brand

Make special moments as memorable as they are unique.


Brands are part of our life, but taking them from idea to life and feeling them as something real requires a photography team capable of knowing your message in depth and making it possible.  


Not only externally, but internally to your company, the brand can be the necessary differentiator for your team to work cohesively and without friction.  


Trust the experts, and create give life to your ideas, through photographic pieces, that combine art with Branding, and give the ideal face to your company. 

Productora audiovisual Colombia

At Pendulo , we rely on the experience of our professional photographers .  


They have the right tools for any type of photography: outdoors or in closed spaces, nothing will be an obstacle for them.  


We achieve the ideal sets for your photographs, whatever the concept you are looking for.  


In addition, experience has its advantages, and that is that our photographers will know how to take your idea to the maximum, and create magnificent pieces of art with just one flash.


Let yourself be guided by our ideas, and enjoy the result.

To contact us, send us an email to and we will attend to you promptly.

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