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Documentary work

We are a contemporary audiovisual production company that distinguishes ourselves by making use of innovation together with a cinematographic aesthetic, and that allows us to create documentary videos that tell stories without being entirely commercial content.

Our trajectory in the audiovisual production of documentaries such as Netflix series and short films has generated us a portfolio of clients who support the work we do.

What is a documentary video?

In every sense of the word, a documentary is the audiovisual representation of reality at a certain time. Documentaries are responsible for presenting information about a specific topic in an orderly manner, and their objective is to document what the director considers important to create a testimony in a video and audio format.


Parts of a documentary:

  • Research information related to the project

  • Background and current status of the project

  • General objective

  • Workplan

  • Biography

  • General summary

  • Script Development

How we do it in Pendulo

At Pendulo, we are passionate about and inspired by cinema, and our preferred format is cinematographic. In recording, we offer the cinema format to provide a different aesthetic to documentary video. However, the decision will always be yours.


Once the recording started, we focused on the conceptualization of the project and the entire production process in the different stages. We take care of every detail, and we care about taking care of the essence of the message to avoid confusion.


What type of documentaries does our audiovisual production company record?

DOCUMENTARY OF REALITY: we record audiovisual content that exposes aspects of the reality of the moment or of a specific time, where the information is true and truthful.


COMPANY PROCESS DOCUMENTS: it is a great opportunity to show a different face of your business and your internal management. It can help you improve your brand tone, and engage more with your customers.


HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS: This is the type of audiovisual content that records moments of great global importance of events that have already occurred in history.


ENTERTAINMENT DOCUMENTARY - It 's a different way to record documentary content with a fun twist. It is a modern format, and it is currently a trend.

Advantages of a documentary video for your company

The key word to define the advantage of a documentary video is “Storytelling”. This trend has been a great way to leverage content marketing, and documentary shooting is no exception.


Sometimes companies have a hard time creating a real connection with their customers, which can hurt their brand and credibility. Opting for documentary content can address this problem, create real connections with your customers, and bring a sense of humanity to your brand.


Advantages of a documentary video for your company

The stories are engaging

You will reach a larger and diversified audience

Storytelling is the key

Create a strong brand identity

Improve the relationship with customers

Humanize the brand

Get prestige and notoriety

Why choose us?

It is our fervor for film that drives us to create cinematographic documentary pieces that are the best and innovative works, and we meet the expectations of our clients.


We are backed by experience in the audiovisual production industry, as well as more than recognized clients who trust our skills as producers.


We take care of the work we do, and our main focus is to fulfill our production process: from pre-production and project conceptualization, to logistics, editing and post-production.


In addition, our team of professional producers, editors and photographers combine their knowledge and experiences to transform something as simple as a recording into a piece of art that captivates the attention of your potential clients.


Are you looking to record your first documentary video? At Péndulo, we offer you the services of documentaries, audiovisual production, short films, videographs and photographs.

Contact us now and share your ideas and visions with us. We will take care of the rest.

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