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Make productions based on unique and original concepts.

Videos, beyond being a growing trend, are great to bring to life those ideas that you want to express so much.


Do you know what your intention is before filming a video?


We take concepts to videographic formats, through a professional pre-production process.

Videos in cinematic format

At Pendulo , we are passionate about helping our clients convey the right message through shots that transcend, and achieve through unique experiences captured in multimedia content.  


Thus, we make a difference and practice the sense of being “memorable” for the brands we work with.


Video is a wonderful way to exalt the attributes of your brand, in a cinematographic format that will allow you to create an accurate and memorable message.


Working with a concept-based approach has allowed us to create high-quality video pieces, following the values and techniques of classic cinema, but with the innovation that new pre and post-production technologies allow us.

Productora audiovisual Colombia

Technology in overdrive

Time is running out, and we have learned to run alongside it.  


Thus, all our videographers have the most current technological tools and accessories on the market, to guarantee the quality of our productions.

Have you ever thought of shooting a video from the air like a real movie? We can do it. With the latest technology, we have managed to record aerial videos, maximizing the quality of service and the happiness of our clients.

We promote your brand in videos

With our experience, and management of the most avant-garde equipment on the market, we can ensure an ideal production for your brand, thereby generating new high-impact communication bridges, to achieve greater rapport with your client.  


At Pendulo, we always think of you and what you really want: a quality service, a production that captures the eyes of the public.  


That's why our qualified videographers have enough experience to save valuable moments in a video that conveys the correct values, feelings and messages of your Brand.


We transform concepts and bring them to life, in videos that convey stories with a unique meaning.  


In addition, you will also be able to film high-quality cinematographic videos of institutional events, commercial promotions for your products and / or services, business advertising, and much more.


Our main value is to be able to produce the video piece that you are looking for so much for your brand, with the quality and the cinema format. 

Productora audiovisual Colombia

Why choose us?

Our audiovisual production team is experts in the field of videography, and they know in depth the entire pre-production process,  production and post-production.  


Our trajectory has been amazing, where our greatest attribute is the essence of innovation and creativity that characterizes us.  


Therefore, each new project feels fresh and refreshing, bringing a new face to the work we do.


At Pendulo there are only paths traced by professionalism and the warm enthusiasm that represents us.  


No matter what occasion you want to immortalize, whether in a photograph or a video, we will guide you to achieve what you want in the best way.


Contact us now and share your ideas and visions with us. We will take care of the rest.

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