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Aerial Videos

Make productions with aerial shots based on unique and original concepts that will make your brand stand out. 

The trends have grown in recent years, and one of those trends that has dug its foundation and built its own ladder to success is aerial video.  Through aerial video , you can express an idea from multiple perspectives.  


With a group of professionals, at Péndulo we help you take the concepts from a theoretical way to practice with videographic formats through a planned pre-production process.  One of the advantages of aerial videography is to seek an impressive look, only possible thanks to the conceptualization of the global project, so that you can show the other side of your brand or project with an innovative format.  


Imagine a shot of a construction project from the air?  


It will be different, especially if it is done with passion and looking for creative concepts in each step of the production.

Videos from another perspective

At Pendulo, we are passionate about cinema and we always seek to be at the forefront.  


Innovations in film formats have made inserting drones and searching aerial shots easier and with incredible results.  Applying our creative side, we help our clients to transmit the correct message of their brands, projects or commercial ideas, achieving it through unique experiences captured in audiovisual content from the air.  Conceptualization is an important process in videography, especially when you want to take your brand to the skies.  From business projects, to productions with more artistic characteristics, we can achieve it in Pendulum.

The pre and post production processes should be planned with caution, in this type of videos, and expand your portfolio of creative ideas to the maximum to take advantage of every opportunity and achieve the maximum potential.


For instance:


  • Videography of aerial shots in residential complexes

  • Aerial shots of the campaigns carried out by companies to improve their brand

  • short films

  • Production of commercial projects with videos from the sky. 

  • Corporate videos that have unique elements, only possible in the videography area.


Thanks to our ability to use drones, we have been able to take spectacular shots that offer a different, unique and magnificent perspective to your company, without following the common thread of production.  


Have you ever thought of shooting a video from the air like a real movie? 

With aerial shots you can capture attention, show another face of your company and make your brand stand out.  


From short films to corporate videos and recording of residential sets, the latest technology has allowed us to shoot successful aerial videos, maximizing the quality and happiness of our clients.

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Aerial Videos

With our experience, and management of the most avant-garde equipment on the market, we can ensure an ideal production for your brand, thereby generating new high-impact communication bridges.  At Pendulum, we always seek to adapt to the demands of our clients.  For this reason, our capabilities in aerial videos seek to convey the correct values, feelings and messages of your commercial brand.


We can capture with aerial videos from:



Take your brand to the top and expand your horizon, thanks to aerial footage that will transform the way your brand is seen.

Why choose us?

Our audiovisual production team is an expert in the field of aerial videography and cinema in all its presentations and we know in depth the entire pre-production process,  production and post-production of an audiovisual project.  


We love challenges and being able to take your idea to an aerial format that can transmit everything you are looking for is an essential part of our work at Pendulo.


We know how important it is to have different shots that can demonstrate the other facets of your brand. Thanks to current technologies, this is possible, if you combine it with a team that understands the difficulties of pre and post production.  


An aerial shot must fit perfectly in the filming, in this way it will be possible to find the correct message. 


Contact us now and share your ideas and visions with us. We will take care of the rest.

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