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Aerial photography

Stay ahead with aerial photography.

Do you want to give your brand a human essence that helps you consolidate more clients? With a little twist, you can change everything.  

Aerial photography is a technique that allows you to show another face, reach difficult places with normal photography and stand out.  

At Pendulum, we help you take pictures from the top. Backed by the experience of our specialist aerial photography photographers and their extensive creativity with photographs , we will be able to achieve impressive and attractive images.  In addition, if you want your photographs to be in digital format, we offer you a digital catalog with the captured images, and we assure you a conceptual line that represents your values as a company.

We are an audiovisual production company that adapts to your needs. From product photographs to compositions to improve the image of your company, we can achieve the photographic and aesthetic composition that meets your interests to the fullest.  For that reason and in search of giving you a complete catalog, aerial photographs are a fundamental point to capture that look that you want so much for your brand.

We capture photographs from the air

Aerial photography possesses the ability to capture and exude the correct emotions of our clients' brands.  


We help you conceptualize your ideas and translate them into an image album that will be your new and most creative identity.

Both for digital format, as for any other format. This type of aerial photography will allow your brand to have those images that you long for.  


We are fascinated by exploring new ideas for corporate events, branding of products and sets, creation of audiovisual campaigns and the pre and post production processes of our clients' projects.


We can also achieve all this by following an aerial perspective.


We create aerial photographs to offer you perspective from the air

Aerial photography will provide a new image for your brand and your products.  


Experiment with different proposals and angles, and let the ideas flow. From residential complexes to cinematography, the sky is the limit.  One of the advantages of aerial photography is the possibility it has of being able to reach difficult places, but with incredible results.  


Previously, to achieve photos of these types of photos, a larger budget was needed. Today, thanks to new technologies, with a team of professionals you can go as far as your imagination reaches. 

Do you want to write the history of your brand with Pendulum? Contact us now .

Balance your brand with presence and professionalism

From concept to creation, we look for photographs that reflect the special and memorable of your brand.  


Each brand represents what it sells, and its presence is different from the rest.


That is the secret to stand out. To stand out from an ocean full of competitors, it is important to do it with a professional team.


At Pendulo, we have a team of professional photographers capable of knowing in depth your commercial intention, your message, and creating a unique project that makes your brand shine.


For this reason, within our catalog, aerial photography represents that combination between creativity and innovation.  


From the air it looks better.



We are a group of photography professionals with an innate sense of creativity, always opening up new opportunities in the field of cinematography, photography, videography and more.

Why Pendulo? 

If your company is ambitious, we also offer you the opportunity to explore new horizons with our film production and short film projects.  Also with the creation of  aerial videos .  Our professionals have the necessary tools to make your project stand out, and consolidate more clients.


They have the right tools for any type of photography.  We achieve the ideal sets for your photographs, whatever the concept you are looking for.  In addition, experience has its advantages, and that is that our audiovisual production agency knows how to take your idea to the maximum, and create magnificent pieces of art with just a flash.

To contact us, send us an email to and we will attend to you promptly.

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