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New Modalities of Audiovisual Consumption

The role of cinema and television throughout history, have been consolidated as two of the classic audiovisual formats in people's culture, filling at a massive level functions related mainly to advertising, information, media, and broadcasting. narratives as a means of expression. Fact that at the time generated a media revolution that at the same time was a great boost in social development.

With its massification in the technological era, it was possible to improve production techniques, special effects, assembly and distribution. Allowing television producers and filmmakers to transcend the possibilities of creativity and creation, this is clear within traditional formats. With the incursions of technology such as 3D, 5.1 Audio Formats, Animation Studios, 4k film cameras, immersive experiences.

Now we are facing a new technological revolution, which is why it is interesting to think about what the next step in the consumption of audiovisual material can be. The world now puts a number of production tools in the hands of massive users, breaking a gap that always existed regarding who has the possibilities to make audiovisuals and who doesn't. Another determining factor regarding this is the incursion of formats and the adaptation of traditional media to new forms of consumption, now producers face more demanding users, countless categories of content, new creators every day at all times through new proposals.

We have reached a point where the only limits to being an audiovisual producer are those that it imposes, now everything is valid, and for each type of content there is an audience, you can tell stories of 100 chapters or 4 seconds, stream from wherever you are, connect your content with people around the world in moments.

Democratization in the production of content has pros, such as cons, there are those who feel that they have been able to forget the pure and romantic aspects of traditional cinema or that essential aspects in the production of a piece can be neglected, due to the need to immediacy and visibility, perhaps these issues will give way to the analysis of new possibilities, now that the content belongs to everyone we must all be responsible for it. The truth is that it cannot be denied that the incursion of audiovisual into society marked a turning point, a before and after, which allowed us to advance and evolve now more than ever.

Written by: Juan Diego Rosas Rodríguez @diego_darko


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