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5 trends in audiovisual production 2021

Entertainment is one of the most pleasant expressions that human beings experience, and as such, its value has increased more and more, forming part of our global culture. Since the beginning of time, humans have found ways to distract their minds from what worries them on their daily basis. Our ancestors entertained themselves with dances, parties and feasts, celebrations; And as their activities evolved, so did our desire to entertain ourselves.

Now that we live in an age surrounded by technology and creative innovation, entertainment is in every corner, in every place we visit, and in every person we talk to. Trends are more common than before and, somehow, it has managed to unify us as a society.

This is how the audiovisual production trends of 2021 have carved out their position at the top of the list, and have become a very popular form of entertainment today.

Do you know any of them?

The most popular audiovisual productions in Colombia

Colombia is making its way to technology and innovation every day and we have been able to demonstrate this with our audiovisual ideas, such as:

1. HD 4k in social networks

It is no secret to anyone that technology has advanced in the last decade, especially in the video market. This format is one of the most valued and used, and for that reason 4K video has reached social networks.

Available on next-generation mobile devices, televisions, and devices such as laptops and tablets. This format works great for companies that want to virtually expand their startups; reach a larger audience and make them consume your content by offering products and services.

However, HD 4k will also be available to young people who enjoy social media for pure entertainment without commercial conditions.

2. YouTube as a benchmark for audiovisual production

Another internet platform that has not stopped dazzling us since its creation. On YouTube, users have the ability to watch content of any kind: tutorials, entertainment, comedy, news, events, and much more.

YouTube is one of the influences for the creation of audiovisual production trends. Why? Thanks to its mostly free platform, its users have total freedom of creative expression, which can turn a video into a viral phenomenon, and thus create a trend.

3. Short clips as a benchmark for trends.

Despite the fact that platforms such as Snapchat, or now its biggest competition TikTok, are the leaders in the propagation of short viral videos, this format has a highly potential competition such as Streaming. Now more than ever, when valuable content really delivers useful entertainment, the user tends to stay longer.

However, the audiovisual trend of short videos has made a great impact in this new decade of non-stopping creativity. It's time to contribute to that cause, don't you think?

4. Storytelling in videos

Today, storytelling is one of the most effective methods to better connect with the audience and what better way to do it than through video! And it is that storytelling fuses two concepts: psychologically emotional audiovisual production, and the telling of stories. Together, the user enjoys long-lasting entertainment, and if the content does not disappoint, the users will be loyal to you.

5. Trends in Virtual Reality

There have always been ideas ahead of their time, but virtual reality has come in with force, and we doubt it will disappear soon. This functionality in particular is causing a sensation in the youth community, but they are not the only ones having fun with virtual reality.

The older ones also have the right to have fun and entertain themselves, and that is why you will find adults playing VR video games on the internet, or watching a 4D movie in theaters. This format transports the sensory experience to a new world, and those who enjoy it always want more.

Audiovisual production trends are not stationary. In reality, they are in constant evolution, and everything will depend on the technological creativity and innovation of the products and tools that we know today.

It could be said that it is the beginning of an unprecedented era, but we want to think that we are in the middle of a technological revolution that will not end in war, but in entertainment. What are you waiting for to be part of it?


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